About Us

Magma Flooring LLC, founded in July 2012, is a privately held company that was spun off from Interfacial Solutions LLC. Magma Flooring intends to become a leading provider of green and eco-friendly flooring materials to the flooring industry. Magma Flooring’s products have been engineered to meet the environmental and sustainability demands of today’s flooring market and to be a cost effective replacement for PVC.

Magma Flooring utilizes recycled plastic and natural fillers for its non-PVC products. Unlike today’s vinyl flooring, Magma Flooring’s products will be PVC-free, chlorine-free, phthalate-free, plasticizer-free, contain no VOCs, have essentially no odor and can be readily recycled. The fully-functional and environmentally sustainable characteristics of Magma Flooring will make it an ideal choice for customers looking to bring fully functional green innovation and eco-friendly products to their world.

Magma Flooring is a start up company and expects to be producing product early in 2014. The company will be using a state-of-the art continuous double belt press manufacturing process and its non-PVC compounds will be produced on site. Toll manufacturing relationships are also being explored.

Sales of sample product are already underway. Feel free to contact us if you are interested.